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Will it fit my pram?

In short, If you can put a nappy bag on your pram,  you can put a Prambasket on your pram.....Yep! its that simple people! 

The Prambasket has been purposefully designed to be universal and stylishly simple, so no matter what pram you have it should work perfectly with a Prambasket. You can also check out our list of compatible prams HERE

But, don't just take our word for it! Try it @ home on your pram risk free! Play around with it, test out different positions, if it doesn't fit, we will pay the return postage and give you a full refund! Easy!

How Do the Mix+ Match Lids Work?

The Mix + Match Lids simply attach and detach with velcro flaps on the front and back of the lid and base. When you want to change your lid, simply rip one lid off and pop another one on!! The Mix and Match Lids are made exclusively for the  new "Essential Black Prambasket".  

How much can the Prambasket hold?

The Prambasket has been cleverly designed to be the same size as the standard plastic shopping basket provided at the supermarket, clever huh!? So basically what ever you can fit in one of those you can fit in a Prambasket.

However, we obviously don't recommend overfilling your prambasket with a load of really heavy things, thats just silly! We recommend a maximum of 8kg of weight at any one time.  

What are the dimensions?

Prambasket - 40cm (across) 22cm (depth) and 25cm (height)... About the same size as a jumbo box of Huggies Nappies!

Strap Length - 1.25m (fully extended)

How do I care for my new Prambasket?

Looking after your new Prambasket is super simple! Just wipe any marks with warm water and soft cloth and ....Wallah!....good as new!

Also, your new Prambasket has amazing technology woven into each of its little tiny little fibres which makes it water resistant and stain resistant!


What you can't see in between the interior and exterior the Prambasket is fully lined with special insulating foam and rigid board to ensure your Prambasket always holds it perfect shape and your food stays fresh and cool while walking home from the shops. (aka just plain amazing)

Will the Prambasket tip my pram?

The Prambasket is designed to work with the centre of gravity of your pram. So hanging it as close to the body of your pram as possible is always best. Its always a good idea to play around with your Prambasket's fully adjustable strap to test different positions on your pram and find the most stable spot for your new Prambasket. The Prambasket has a added stabilasation strap at the back that you can secure to the base of your pram for additional stability.  

However, as you would know with hanging anything on your pram you have to use common sense and always ensure you are not overfilling your Prambasket.

To counterbalance the weight of the Prambasket we recommend to never overfill your Prambasket so it outweighs your pram, always remember to remove your Prambasket from your pram before removing your child. 


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