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Hello and welcome to our store! I'm Sonia, Melbourne mum and the creator of the Prambasket, this is my story...

As a new Mum, you could say I was somewhat naïve and possibly a little bit idealistic. But, I had decided that I was going to get out and about as much as possible with my new baby.

Part of this grand plan to get out more included me regularly walking to the supermarket with my pram, rather than driving.

Surely walking to the shops would be easier than putting my baby in the car seat, then into the trolley and then back in the car seat, right?

Oh soooo wrong!!!

On my first trip to the supermarket, I only managed to put about three things in the under-basket of my pram before it was full, not to mention feeling like some weird bread, milk and weet-bix stealing thief as I was doing it.

Trying desperately not to look frazzled, I decided to go and grab a plastic shopping basket, only to quickly discover that I now only had one hand to steer my pram and shop, and one arm that had gone quickly numb from the weight of the heavy basket hanging on it.

Desperate for some relief (and to feel my arm again) I ashamedly balanced the heavy basket on the hood of my pram, hoping to goodness it wouldn't cave in before I finished shopping!

When I finally finished, I went through the check out, loaded up my pram with a mountain of plastic bags and walked home with them dragging on the wheels, threatening to break open at any minute, just what I needed!

When I arrived home, I felt completely overwhelmed and defeated and tried to put the whole experience out of my head, vowing to never to do it again!

The next time I needed to go to the supermarket, I had to wait all day for my husband to get home, which was annoying, but there was no way I was about to go with back my pram.

From then on, whenever I was at the supermarket, I couldn’t help but look at (ok, possibly borderline stalk) other Mums to see if they had some secret to shopping with a pram that I didn’t know about.

But guess what…they were all struggling, it wasn’t just me and I wasn’t alone.

After that realization, its fair to say I became obsessed. I scoured the Internet for solutions, convinced there had to be something out there. The results were completely underwhelming, there was absolutely nothing out there that offered a simple, easy to use solution to a simple everyday problem.

I was utterly frustrated… It shouldn’t be this hard!

Why was there nothing out there?

Why hadn’t someone invented something?

Then it happened, I guess you could say it was a “light bulb” moment. Maybe I could be that person? I’m a Mum… I know what I want and I know what I need!

After this, I was completely unstoppable, determined to develop my own solution and to help parents everywhere.

I made prototype after prototype; the first was actually from a nappy box covered in fabric!! After a lot of hard work, I had my first fully functional Prambasket.

I still remember the first time I used it… I walked to the shops, opened the lid, did my shopping, unloaded at the checkout and repacked it, shut the lid and walked home. WOW! It was fantastic. I was so excited, I just wanted to grab other parents and tell them right away.

However, as excited as I was, I knew it could be even better, so the next year was spent on refining the design. Being a little bit (ok a lot) of a perfectionist, I had a list of things I wanted it to be.

It needed to be easy to use, easy to store, rigid enough to hold its shape, yet light enough to carry and easy to fold.

It had to be waterproof inside and out to handle watermelon and leaking milk, but it couldn’t look or feel waterproof.

It had to be easy to clean, have storage for my keys, wallet, and phone. It had to be universal so anyone could use it, and insulated for cold food and baby bottles.

I wanted it to be able to be used open when shopping (because I remember how weird it felt putting things out of sight) and had to be able to be closed and secure for the walk home.

And last but not least it had to be beautiful and come in several gorgeously designed fabrics.

And so after much hard work, the Prambasket was born! Making parents daily lives just that little bit easier!

From me to you, I hope you love it as much as I do.